Ritual and Contemporary Art from India

November 2, 2014 — February 1, 2015

Kunstmuseum Bochum

MONALI MEHER – Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival

Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival
International experimental cinema and performance art festival
Opening: August 31, 2014

Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, from August 31 to September 02 2014.

TERRA, performance by Monali Meher
On 1st September 2014, at 3 PM
Venue: Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132, 30121 Venice, Italy





IMMATERIAL: Explorations of immaterial art, long durational work, and multidisciplinary collaboration Monali Meher, performance/ installation work from 2006, ‘RICEVILLE/WHITEVILLE’, is featured in MAI: Marina Abramovic Institute.





Monali Meher – Facing Vooruit

Facing Vooruit Performance by Monali Meher

16th May 2014, 10 am

Universiteitsforum (Ufo), Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, Gent, Belgium.

Organized by SUSTAINABILITY 2014.

FACING VOORUIT will be manifested at the opening of the fair ‘SUSTAINABILITY 2014′




India Art Fair 30th January – 2nd February, 2014



Monali Meher – “The Material Point”

The Material Point: Reconsidering the Medium in the (Post) modern Moment, OED Gallery, Kochi, Kerala, India. Group show curated by Kathleen Wyma. 20 July – 19 Aug. 2013


Vibha Galhotra – Haeinsa Art Project 27th September – 27th November 2013, Korea

Orbis Unum-II Haein Art Project: A biennial public art project hosted by the Haeinsa Temple a UNESCO World Heritage site and Buddhist Temple.- South Korea- 2013

Orbis Unum (“one world” in Latin) presents a reinterpretation of the flags of the 197 existing countries, where any characterizing trait has been substituted by the purity of the color white. The work tries to create a world without borders, orders or differences communicated through words and symbols inspired from the eight testimonies of Buddhism, revisited and transferred onto the fabric of the flags.

Drawn by the utopian ideal of One World without physical divisions, Galhotra attempts to replace, deconstruct and dissolve the religious and cultural differences, the physical and mental boundaries between nations and human beings informing the world geopolitical map.


Monali Meher – 3rd Thessaloniki Performance Festival

Invited to perform in 3rd Thessaloniki Performance Festival 15 – 19 Oct. 2013, the Thessaloniki Performance Festival is part of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (Sep. 2013- Jan. 2014), ‘Old Intersections-Make it New’. Greece.



Monali Meher ‘Art The Hague’

‘Art The Hague’, Contemporary art fair, Fokker Terminal Den Hague, 2 Oct. – 6 Oct. 2013, ‘Indian Session’ Curated by Liesbeth Willems (curator KRC Collection) in collaboration with Indian Artist Monali Meher



Monali Meher – ‘Expansion’

‘Expansion’, Art and Documentary Exhibition during 10th Anniversary of European cultural Association showing 10 years history of the ECA, Siemens Art gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 11th Sep – 13th Nov. 2013.